Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey

Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey contacted Ascot Swimming Pools to find a solution to their pool maintenance and pool safety issues surrounding their 20 metre x 8 metre level deck outdoor swimming pool.

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Could the hotel operate their outdoor swimming pool more economically?

The prestigious Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot contacted Ascot Swimming Pools to find a solution to their pool maintenance and pool safety concerns with their 20 metre x 8 metre level deck outdoor swimming pool.

Up until this time the pool had been operated without either a summer or winter cover.

Principally the specific concerns of the hotel were the ever increasing costs of gas, electricity to run the swimming pool.

The reduction of labour costs in maintaining the pool as well as lower consumption of pool chemicals was another important objective.

The safety of guests and visitors and appearance of the pool - could this be enhanced?

The pool, which is situated in a highly visible position in the hotel grounds, could present a potential hazard to guests since it was not protected by any fencing.

The hotel management wanted to provide security to the pool without the erection of a physical barrier which may detract from the attractive nature of the setting.

Set in beautiful rural grounds, the outdoor swimming pool was unprotected from debris such as leaves and dirt blowing into the pool.

The removal of such debris incurred high labour and chemical costs to maintain the pool in optimum condition.

The hotel required a pool cover that would provide safety for guests yet also be capable of being opened within minutes so that hardy swimmers could use the pool during the winter months.

Ascot Swimming Pools suggested the installation of an automatic pool safety cover which would provide a solution to address all of the concerns of the hotel management.

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The installation

Ascot Pools prepared the pool surround very carefully in readiness for the installation of the automatic pool safety cover. Since the natural white stone pool surround was to be retained,the preparatory work to install the aluminium guide tracks down either side of the swimming pool had to be carried out with great accuracy.

Using diamond tipped disc cutters, Ascot Pools' engineers were able to cut grooves into the existing natural stone surround to precise dimensions to enable the fitting of the tracks, without unsightly remedial work to the stone surround after the tracks had been installed.

The hotel required the minimum of disruption to the existing pool surround pool surround and inconvenience to hotel guests, since the hotel wanted to keep the pool operational during the installation of the automatic pool safety cover.

How the automatic pool safety cover works.

The reinforced PVC pool safety cover is wound onto an alloy roller by means of a hydraulics through a series of pulleys the power required to operate such a large cover is generated by a hydraulic pump which is located in in a separate enclosure. For reasons of safety there are no electrical components near the pool.

The cover is retracted into an oak storage when not in use and this doubles as a sunbathing bench for guests in the summer. The guidance of the automatic cover is further aided by large diameter low friction castors running along the pool surround; ensuring that the pool safety cover glides along the paving and runs straight and true.

Due to the feature step at one end of the swimming pool, it was necessary for the pool safety cover to be manufactured in a rectangular shape and made sufficiently large to cover that area of the pool as well.

Again the large aluminium bar fitted to the leading edge ensures that the pool safety cover is carried securely over the feature step area of the swimming pool.

The level deck design of the swimming pool posed a potential drag problem with a large area of the pool surround in contact with the underside of the pool safety cover.

This potential problem was anticipated and overcome by the fitting of a 350 mm wide strip of anti-friction material along the length of each side of the pool.

The automatic pool safety cover, despite its large surface area (160 square metres) and weight, can be pulled over the pool in a matter of minutes by the turn of a key switch without any additional assistance.

The results

The automatic pool safety cover has now been installed for a number of months and has provided the solutions sought by the hotel at their initial briefing.

  • The swimming pool running costs have been substantially reduced by the installation of the automatic cover. For a graph showing the possible energy savingsclick here, and to see our separate figures for potential energy saving and chemicals click here
  • The automatic pool safety cover provides total security for the pool, as it cannot be used with the cover locked in position.
  • The hazard potential is substantially reduced and the safety cover gives peace of mind to both the hotel management and guests.
  • Due to the enhanced security of the swimming pool the hotel now pays a lower premium for their insurance

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