Private indoor swimming pool in Sunninghill

The design of of a new 5,000 square foot luxury home in Sunninghill required an indoor swimming pool to be built as part of an integral leisure complex comprising swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna and steam room

Private indoor swimming pool

Design Brief

The pool specification required a fully tiled 11.6 metre x 5.19 metre swimming pool with a gently sloping depth from 1 metre to 1.5 metre to include a water feature, entry steps, handrails, automatic pool cover, under water lights and sophisticated heating and ventilation.

The pool profile was designed for all the family and the swimming pool can be used either for serious swimming exercise or for playing games. A separate spa for relaxation was incorporated near the pool entry steps and equipped with coloured underwater lights, air blower, filter and separate filtration system. 2 stainless steel handrails were fitted to provide support for the less confident swimmers.

Automatic Cover and environmental control system

The automatic swimming pool cover was fitted in a chamber below the pool floor with a tiled hinged lid to conceal the cover when retracted. Operated by a 24v DC in roller motor which eliminated the need to construct a separate pit to enclose the mechanism. The automatic pool cover is operated by a switch located on the entrance to the pool hall. Polycarbonate clear slats glide on the surface of the swimming pool over a safety ledge and allow the LED underwater lights to shine through the cover when the pool is covered at night.

The pool water is circulated through a 1050 mm high rate sand filter via a 1.5 hp pump. Purification of the swimming pool is maintained using a free oxygen system without the need for chlorine; providing swimmer comfort with outstanding water clarity. The pool and air temperature as well as the humidity is kept at the desired level by advanced swimming pool controls. The initial low pressure hot water to the environmental control unit is supplied by a domestic condensing gas boiler, maximising the fuel efficiency of the system.

Covering the pool when not in use saves a considerable amount of energy by limiting the evaporation of the pool water. The automatic pool cover motor can be connected to the environmental control system so that it will command the environmental control system to go into a �set back� mode when the demand for dehumidification is less due to the cover being in position over the pool. The 4 underwater lights are controlled by an adjacent switch on the same panel.

The energy from the evaporating swimming pool water is recovered by the environmental control unit and released back into the pool air as dry heat. When the swimming pool hall temperature has been satisfied then the energy will be transferred to the pool water instead. Warm air is introduced into the swimming pool hall via ducts installed under the floor and running at high level to the roof glazing.

indoor swimming pool

Water feature

To add to the fun of the swimming pool a water cannon was installed at the shallow end of the pool and equipped with 3 different types of interchangeable nozzles to provide various jet effects. Powered by a separate pump installed in a separate chamber below the pool surround the water feature is safely operated by an air switch within arm�s reach of swimmers within the pool.

Energy saving

When required the pool environmental control unit delivers a curtain of warm air to sweep the glazed surface with warm air reducing the amount of condensation. This was particular requirement given the large area of glazing in the feature lantern roof directly above the swimming pool.

The atmosphere in the pool hall is kept fresh by introducing some of the outside air and mixing it with the air being circulated back to the pool hall. The combination of an automatic swimming pool cover and an efficient environmental control system results in substantially lower running costs and a consequent reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels.

Additional features

With a sophisticated treadmill, running machine, cross trainer and free weights section takes this gym will take fitness to another level. A well-appointed steam room which includes a feature stretch ceiling and sophisticated light system in addition to natural stone benches provides a relaxing haven for contemplation.

Next to the sauna a custom built 6 - person sauna complete with a smart sound system completes a sophisticated exercise and relaxation area.

This attractive health and fitness complex complements a well equipped and sophisticated house.

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