Automatic swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers

Automatic swimming pool covers provide peace of mind and security for the pool owner.

Substantial savings on both chemicals and heating can be made with the installation of an automatic pool cover, as can be seen in the chart below. This graph shows the savings that can be made by the use of an automatic pool cover

Automatic covers can be fitted as part of a new pool or fitted retrospectively on existing swimming pools. The fitting of an automatic swimming pool cover which use a solid PVC cover provides safety for children and pets as the pool is securely locked by a key switch, preventing unauthorised use.

Safety is assured by pool covers of this type as the strong cover material will support the weight of adults and animals who may accidentally fall onto the cover.

The installation of an automatic pool cover eliminates the need for summer and winter covers and substantially reduces the costs associated with opening and closing outdoor swimming pools. Slatted automatic pool coverShaped and irregular pools can be fitted with this type of automatic pool cover either as an integral part of the construction of a new pool or fitted retrospectively to existing pools (see case history). The PVC cover is available in a range of colours and is sufficiently strong to support adults and animals. There are no electrics at the pool as the cover is operated by a hydraulic pump sited in the pool plant room. A remote hand held controller is available as an option for those pool owners who want control of the cover from different positions around the pool.

Slatted automatic pool cover

Slatted automatic pool coverIf the pool owner prefers an automatic pool cover which remains within the perimeter of the pool edge then an automatic pool cover using linked slats may be a more attractive option. The cover is made from PVC slats which are hollow and sealed at the ends to render them buoyant. This type of cover is generally the choice of indoor swimming pool owners as the colour range is usually more suited to the décor of a pool hall.

The slats are available in a wide range of colours and if the clear slat is chosen the solar gain produced for an outdoor pool is highly significant.

The slatted cover can be rolled into a pit, within the pool or into an above deck cover box and the DC motor for the roller can be installed within the cover roller or installed in a separate chamber alongside the cover pit. The slatted cover can be operated remotely by a hand held device or switched from an adjacent room.

Roldeck Easycover - New for 2011

Roldeck Easycove

This recently developed automatic pool cover is the economic solution for new and existing pools. Powered by solar energy it requires no electrical cabling. Easycover has programmable functions with automatic cut off when the cover reaches the end of the pool and can be operated by one touch on the waterproof controls on the side console. For extra safety a key switch is integrated on the console. The integral battery will operate the cover programme 20 times without any solar charging (based on a 10m x 5m cover size) Should the battery charge run out the Easycover has an integrated connection for the (optional) battery charger on the side console.

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