Swimming Pool Maintenance FAQ

Swimming Pool Maintenance FAQ

Q: Can I maintain my own swimming pool?

A: Yes, routine tasks such as a simple water test, cleaning the filter and pump and pool can easily be performed by the average pool owner, however there are other aspects of pool maintenance that are best handled by a professional pool company. Ascot Pools offer pool maintenance in Berkshire and Surrey and we will be pleased to offer free and friendly advice on all aspects of pool maintenance.

Q: How much does it cost to treat swimming pool water?

A: Swimming pool water needs to be treated in a number of ways, firstly by filtration which is achieved by passing pool water through a high rate sand filter connected to a self - priming swimming pool pump and this process mechanically removes unwanted debris from the pool water.

The cost of running the pool pump will depend on the size of pool and in turn the size of the pump.

Assuming an average UK domestic pool to be 15 x 30 with an average water depth of 4 with 12,700 gallons then a filter of 19 diameter connected to a.55Kw self- priming pump should be effective in most cases.

The cost of running this size pump is currently around 200 per season
(calculation based upon a 20 week season with the pool pump running 8 hours in a 24 hour period at a cost of.04p per unit)

To this cost should be added the cost of chemicals to maintain water quality and ensure safe swimming again assuming a pool size of 15 x 30 then the annual cost of chemicals if carefully controlled will be in the order of 150.00 depending on pool water temperature, bather load, air temperature and sunlight levels.

Q: How much does it cost to heat a swimming pool?

A: It depends on the type of heating that is used to heat the swimming pool, the desired swimming temperature, the size of pool and whether a heat retention cover is used. As a broad guide the chart below gives the approximate running costs using various forms of heating to heat a 15 x 30 swimming pool

Electricity at
8p per/ Kw per hour
night rate
Oil @34
p / litre
Natural gas
@ 48p /therm
Electric heat pump
@ 8p/Kw /hr
1400 800 700 625 450 340

These guide figures assume that:
A heat retention cover is used 21 hours in 24
Average water depth is 4
No ground water is present underground around pool shell
No major exposure to wind

Q: What chemicals should be used to treat swimming pool water?

A: There is a broad range of chemicals that are used to treat pool water, however to simplify matters the two main groups of chemicals used to keep pool water safe and clean are sanitiser (disinfectant) and PH adjuster (either acid or alakali).

In addition to these two chemicals there are a very wide range of supplementary chemicals such as algicides, clarifiers, flocculants etc.

For those pool owners who prefer non - chlorine water treatment there is a wide range of effective alternatives available from stock

It is often easier for the home pool owner to follow a simple step by step programme rather than trying to remember complicated chemical names. Ascot Pools can provide sound and friendly advice on how to treat swimming pool water and many other pool problems.

We will be pleased to send you a swimming pool guide on pool chemicals that is easy to understand and gently steers the pool owner through the basic steps of pool water treatment.

Q: Where can I find advice on how to treat swimming pool water in Berkshire?

A: Ascot Pools will carry out a 7 part test of your pool water at your home completely free of charge*. Using advanced test equipment we can test your water for a wide range of properties and advise you on the steps which are necessary to return or maintain your pool water in perfect balance.

This test will ensure that your pool is safe, clear and inviting and as importantly, a professional pool water test will save you money by the accurate diagnosis of your pool water and the correct recommendations for subsequent treatment.

*Ascot Pools carry a comprehensive range of pool chemicals and will deliver to your home directly by their transport, at a time to suit you.
*This applies to pool owners within a 10 mile radius of Ascot who place an order to the value of 50.00 (excluding VAT)

Q: Where can I find free advice on swimming pool maintenance in Berkshire and Surrey?

A: Ascot Swimming Pools provide advice on swimming pool problems throughout Berkshire & Surrey, we will be pleased to answer any queries that you may have on the operation of your pool.

Alternatively we will be pleased to send a swimming pool guide either in a booklet or on video; both formats provide clear instruction and will serve as a useful swimming pool maintenance guide.

If you would like more advice than the pool guide provides then we will be pleased to arrange a service visit to provide a solution.

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